Power quality management solution
Improve power quality, safe and economic operation of power grid
Power quality management
Power quality management solution refer to customized solutions for users according to the power quality situation of the region. They have the characteristics of reliability, stable performance and green intelligence. They can also control three-phase imbalance, compensate reactive power and control harmonics, which can comprehensively improve the power quality of users. They are mainly used in distribution grid, rail transit, intelligent buildings and machinery manufacturing and so on.

Excellent performance: power factor (-1, 1) continuously adjustable, harmonic filtering (below 13 times), three phase current unbalance < 5%;

Safety and reliability: mature power module and control technology, industrial devices and chips, working life more than 10 years;

Practicability:light and thin, with the power unit weight of 10kg and height of 2U; module of hot pluggable which is easy to maintain; with slight self-healing function which ensures less maintenance;

Green intelligence: he circuit board is lead-free and adopts environment-friendly electroplating parts; terminal intelligent cloud monitoring; remote management function.

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