Smart distribution grid
Smart guard for stable operation of power grid
Smart distribution grid
Distribution grid refers to the power network that receives electric energy from the transmission network or regional power plants and distributes it to various users locally or step by step according to voltage through distribution facilities. On the basis of the original distribution gird technology, Baiyun Electric integrates modern electronic technology, communication technology, computer and network technology to form a smart distribution grid solution, which integrates the distribution grid data, user data, grid structure and geographic graphics to realize the monitoring, protection, control, power consumption and distribution management of the normal operation and accident of the distribution system.

Under the premise of meeting the relevant standards of distribution grid, provide a cost-effective product portfolio;

Self-healing power grid structure can effectively improve the power supply reliability of distribution grid;

Strong energy management system to provide high-quality energy-saving services;

The automation system facilitates the daily power supply and distribution management of users, and improves the work efficiency of staff;

Compact structure and small size of the switchgear help to reduce the cost of civil engineering.

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