Tram power supply solution
Support the diversified development of urban transportation network with advanced power technology and perfect power supply solutions
Tram power supply
The tram power supply solution highly integrates the primary and secondary equipments such as ring main unit, rectifier transformer and complete set of charging device, so as to realize the overall hoisting on site, improve the safety of on-site construction, which greatly shorten the construction time and provide users with better experience and convenient maintenance.

Security: when the tram starts and leaves the station, the charging device will automatically detect and stop charging quickly to basically eliminate the occurrence of arcing. If arcing occurs, the charging device will enable the self-protection function to ensure the safety of the equipment; when the tram leaves the charging area, the charging device will be powered off to ensure that the station, parking lot and charging area are in a state of no power;

Practicability: the control cabinet is equipped with lighting lamp and door interlock switch. The lighting lamp works when the door is opened, and automatically goes out when the door is closed. The charging device has the functions of automatic detection, remote manual switching and on-site manual switching to realize unattended operation;

Reliability: the internal power supply of the charging system is automatically converted. The working power supply of the control system has redundant configuration, and the control system can work reliably; the IGBT module of the internal core power electronic device adopts redundant mode, which has the features of high reliability and easy maintenance.

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