Rail transit solution
More than 20 years of service for metro corporations, with urban market coverage over 70%
Rail transit
Baiyun Electric is one of the representative enterprises with complete product chain of rail transit power supply system equipments compared with the domestic counterparts in China. The products cover 110kV GIS to 0.4kV switchgear, AC / DC power supply, wire & cable and automation system. All products have operation performance. The company has strong abilities from product manufacturing to integrated services provision, and can provide customers with green, intelligent, highly reliable, maintenance free comprehensive solutions for rail transit power supply system.

Advanced IEC61850 networking scheme;

Excellent rail transit power supply system;

Miniaturized switchgears;

High capacity DC fast charging device;

DC traction switchgear with large breaking capacity and advanced permanent magnet operating mechanism;

Fast charging speed and short charging time;

Use of standardized, modular, maintenance free equipments, ensuring low operation and maintenance costs.

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