XM distribution box
XM series distribution boxes are all metal economical switch boxes, which are widely used in residential buildings, high-grade office buildings, high-grade apartments, industrial and mining enterprises and workshops as indoor lighting distribution and small power distribution equipment in single-phase two-wire, single-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire and three-phase five-wire power supply systems.
Features and HighlightsFeatures and highlights

XM1 ~ 2 series are economical switch distribution boxes, which can be installed with various miniature circuit breakers with modulus of 18mm and 86 type sockets. They can be assembled into a complete set of distribution boxes as line overload and short circuit protection, and can be used for temporary power distribution.

The lighting switch distribution box adopts a three body detachable structure of box bottom, mounting bracket and box cover. The box is equipped with zero line (N) and grounding (PE) terminal blocks. There are knock-out holes on the top and bottom of the box shell, and the maximum incoming cable is 16 square millimetres.

The guide rail installed in the box together with the switch can be installed and adjusted horizontally and deeply along with the cover, so as to adapt to the adjustment of the uneven level and depth of the buried wall of the concealed box;

XM5 transparent cover distribution box with exposed switch handle allows for clear observation of the state of the circuit breaker.

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