BY3C visual intelligent fire-resistant compact bus system
Widely used in urban complex, teaching building, high-rise hospital, high-rise hotel, high-rise apartment, office building, large library, large exhibition hall and theater, financial building, government office building, bank and insurance building, radio and television building, power dispatching center, disaster prevention command and dispatching center building, urban rail transit and tunnel emergency power transmission system, used for power transmission between power generation, transmission and distribution equipment.
Features and highlights

The intelligent fire-resistant bus system realizes remote measurement and automatic early warning by means of equipment condition monitoring and electric energy monitoring, and helps users realize visual management of power safety, power quality and power efficiency of bus and its downstream loads;

Using steel plate as shell material, with the characteristics of compact structure, high mechanical strength, strong dynamic stability, high protection degree, strong corrosion resistance and short circuit resistance;

With high reliability, and the product passed the anti-seismic, high altitude, salt spray performance test;

Fast installation, easy maintenance and high power distribution quality;

The fire resistance test conforms to the GA / T537-2005 standard. The electrical performance parameters conform to the GB7251.6-2015 type test.

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