BYEM series moulded case circuit breaker (MCCB)
BYEM series MCCB is one of the new circuit breakers designed and developed by our company with advanced technology. Its rated insulation voltage can reach 1000V, suitable for infrequent conversion and infrequent starting of motor in circuits with AC 50 Hz, rated working voltage AC400 / 690V and rated working current up to 1600A. It has the functions of overload long time delay, short circuit short time delay, short circuit instantaneous and under voltage protection, which can protect the line and power equipment from damage.
Features and highlights

1600A shell frame;

High performance, insulation voltage Ui=1000V, power frequency withstand voltage up to 2500V / min, impulse withstand voltage Uimp=12kV;

Adjustable parameters, effective three section protection function (grounding protection);

High breaking, short circuit breaking capacity Icu=100kA;

Low temperature (up to - 45 ℃) resistance, pass long-term 72h salt spray test;

Complete specifications,250 shell frame grades have been perfected.

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